As if there weren’t a ton of questions for any portrait session, add in the intimacy element and there seems to be so many more! Here are some of the questions I get asked most often, but if you think of something else, don’t hesitate to e-mail me using the “contact” section above.

What is boudoir photography anyway?
In French, boudoir means “woman’s bedroom.” Add in the word photography, and it’s almost a literal translation. But feel free to think outside the box, too. I’ve had lots of clients request sessions at other locations.

Who usually books a boudoir session?
Just about anybody! Women who want to get something unique for their boyfriend on their birthday or anniversary. Brides who want to wow their fiancé on their wedding night. Wives who want to surprise their husband with something unexpected after years of marriage. Women who want to remember their pre-baby body. Women who find their pregnancy body sensual and gorgeous. Women who want to send something amazing to their guys serving overseas. Women who want to try something different, exciting and fun.


Who will take my picture?
All photographs will be taken by me. No one else will be present for your session unless you choose to bring a friend. (And in that case, bring a bottle of bubbly for you both, too!)

I have stretchmarks/scars/cellulite/(fill-in-the-body-hang-up here).
The portrait process doesn’t end when your session does. I spend hours extensively retouching your images to make all of those little blemishes disappear. I want you to look flawless and magazine-cover ready just as much as you do. Plus, it’s my job to find poses and angles that accentuate your best features.

What if I don’t have a lot of lingerie?
Not that you need a good reason to go shopping, but this is splurge-worthy! Even just one thing out of the ordinary might make you feel tremendous — and that’s what this is all about! Besides, if the photographs are going to be a gift for your guy, that will really wow him if it’s something he’s never seen you in. But you don’t NEED to have a lot. A pretty matching bra and underwear set is perfect. Even a cami and everyday cotton can be extraordinary in the right setting.

I want to look my best. Do you offer professional styling?
Not only do I offer it, I highly recommend it! In addition to looking amazing, you’ll feel relaxed and pampered before your session. Win-win! So I’ve teamed up with the best salon in town. The stylists are specially trained in camera-ready makeup application and will get you beautifully ready for your closeup.

Where will my photographs be taken?
Traditional boudoir sessions are done in my home studio where I have a private dressing room and portrait space complete with a “bedroom” setup. If you have another location in mind, please let me know!

Is nudity required?
Absolutely not. Sensuality can be as simple as a bare shoulder. Personally, I find implied nudity to be incredibly enchanting and romantic.  But if you want to request something in particular, I’m always willing to discuss your ideas.

Who will see my photos?
Most clients are anxious to see a sneak peek on my Black Lace Facebook page, but I am absolutely happy to respect your privacy. At the end of your session, I’ll ask if you would like a sneak peek and whether you have a preference about which outfit you’d like me to preview.

I want to give the photos as a gift. How does that work?
First of all, please remember that professional photography takes time. If you have a deadline such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding night that you want to have the gift ready by, contact me as soon as possible to schedule your session. I offer a variety of exceptional products including custom-designed hardcover albums and personalized keepsake boxes to give them that wow-factor. Presentation really is everything. For details, click on the “Information” tab in the menu, then select “Products.”

When should I book my session?
As soon as possible! These are among my most popular sessions, women travel to me from all over the northeast, and I book months in advance. Plus, to ensure each client gets the attention that she deserves, I offer a limited number of sessions each month. That said, don’t hesitate to contact me with a last-minute request. I sometimes have a little wiggle room in my schedule, so I’m happy to accommodate later bookings in those instances.

This is completely out-of-the-ordinary for me. I’m kind of nervous!
Of course you are! It’s not every day you pose for photographs in your underwear. I get that. But I can promise you that these sessions are laid-back, comfortable and fun. Not to mention confidence-boosting. I gurantee you’ll leave feeling like you can conqure the world.

Is this the only type of photography you do?
I am a people photographer. I also offer wedding and event coverage, as well as  portraits for expectant parents, newborns, children, families, high school seniors, business professionals and couples celebrating their engagement or anniversary. For more information and to see examples of my other work, please visit my main site, Kelly V. Photography. Can’t wait to meet you!

liz wagner - February 8, 2011 - 3:31 pm

No where in your ads does it state where you are? I got this from a friend off facebook who lives in Brockport, New York. Please email me and let me know where you are – I’d love to do it, especially with RETOUCHING!! thank you. Liz Wagner

admin - April 20, 2011 - 9:21 pm

Hey Liz! My studio is in Tyrone, PA. Holler if you’d like to schedule a session!

Jacoba Rock - March 3, 2016 - 4:33 pm

Hi, I reside in State College, PA, and am looking for a boudoir session to present my fiance with pictures as a wedding gift – we get married on June 18th. Is this a timeline you could work with? I work from home and have a flexible daytime schedule (and evening), so scheduling would not be difficult for me. Thanks! ~ Jacoba

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