What to bring

The first question I get asked after booking a boudoir session is “What do I bring?” And, to be quite honest, bring as much as you want! It’s better to have it with you than regret leaving it home in your closet.

I’ve included a list of favorite items below, but they are just suggestions. None of them are mandatory and the list is far from all-inclusive. If the session is a gift for your guy, think about what he’s into. Golf? How about a mini skirt and knee-high argyle socks with heels! Is he a musician? Steal his favorite band T-shirt and pair it with lacy underwear. Is he a football fan? Grab one of his jerseys. I guarantee he won’t mind that you did!

Some things I recommend are:

  • Your favorite jeans
  • Jewelry: Dangly earrings, long necklaces, any accessories, etc.
  • One of your guy’s button-down shirts, a tie, a jersey, that sort of thing
  • Any bra and panties sets (even casual cotton stuff can be super cute)
  • Heels
  • Obviously any lingerie
  • Thigh-highs (last I checked, you can buy some that stay up on their own at department stores with lace at the top) or fishnets
  • Fake lashes can make a huge difference for a small price
  • Robe or something to toss on in between changes if you’d like

One last tip: Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing to your session. Tight pants and tops can leave indents on your skin that sometimes take awhile to fade.

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