A double surprise {Reedsville, PA boudoir photographer}

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone gets as excited about a gorgeous black-and-white conversion as I do. But every once in awhile, I just can’t help but think that certain images really were meant to be that way. Like these.

Isn’t she stunning?! And she makes me want highlights. Stat.

Heather admitted during her session that she was only doing it because her fiance basically dropped hints every three seconds that he would LOVE the gift. Then she added that she’s so shy he’d never believe she would actually follow through with it.

Well … she DID. And when she came back to view her images, she about fell off her chair.

I love surprising non-believers.:)



Laurie - November 14, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Hi – I was looking into a photo shoot for my boyfriend. Something special, a bit sexy. How does this work??? I will bring outfits I assume – also as far as makeover – will I take care of that. What is the cost?? Packages?

Tara - February 24, 2016 - 10:29 am


I was very interested in more information about how I go about getting a session. I’ve been wanting to surprise my husband of 10years with these photos. This is something that is completely out of Character for me, and I want to blow him away! I’m looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!

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