Plain white tees {Altoona, PA boudoir photographer}

Believe it or not, Jess actually drove from Raeford, North Carolina, for her session. Her husband is in the Air Force and stationed there. But Jess has family in the Altoona area and made a special trip — just to make sure her husband got a special anniversary gift.

Now THAT is amazing.

I loved working with Jess because she brought some classic and easy pieces that really fit her personality. She feared that because “she’s not very girlie” her images wouldn’t look right.

Yeah, about that. I could seriously post every single image from her entire session. They are all stunning in their simplicity.

I hate to turn to overused cliches, but sometimes less really is more!


Car'ra murphu - April 5, 2016 - 11:07 am

Hello, please be In touch! I’d love to schedule a shoot with you

You *CAN* look like that {Before & After}

I would say that 99% of my clients admit in a blurt of self-consciousness when they arrive, “Oh my gosh, I’m nervous!”

And you know what? It would be weird if you weren’t! Truly. It’s not every day you get photographed in your underwear. I totally get it.

But you know what else? It’s SO much fun. And rewarding. And surprising. And a million other exciting things. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous. And make sure you see yourself the way HE sees you. 

Don’t believe me? I have proof.

In a new series I will feature occasionally, here are before and afters of clients who have given me the A-OK to post these. They were so over-the-moon thrilled with their boudoir images, they want everyone to experience it for themselves.

YOU included.

So if you’re sitting there, scrolling through these images thinking, “I’ll never look like that” … well, yes you can.




A little personality {Dubois, PA boudoir photographer}

I think a common misconception in the boudoir photography industry is that all images have to be intense and serious to be sexy.

Yes, all sessions need that HOLY WOW!!! image, but I strive to include a little personality in a boudoir session too. I think it’s important. And beautiful.

Think of all those lingerie and swimsuit magazines you’ve seen. Smiles can be flirty. Unexpected. Even your guy’s favorite image of the bunch.

Because it’s YOU.

And Kristie knocked it out of the park after I gave her a little direction with her satin sparkly “Bride” robe! I am LOVING this series.

I’m betting her groom-to-be will too!


Nothing basic about this basic training gift {Altoona, PA boudoir photographer}

Here’s a sneak peek for Courtney that’s doubling as a sneak peek for her military husband! Fortunately he gets to see her in person on base for a quick visit later this week. <3

One of my favorite reasons for a boudoir session.


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A double surprise {Reedsville, PA boudoir photographer}

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone gets as excited about a gorgeous black-and-white conversion as I do. But every once in awhile, I just can’t help but think that certain images really were meant to be that way. Like these.

Isn’t she stunning?! And she makes me want highlights. Stat.

Heather admitted during her session that she was only doing it because her fiance basically dropped hints every three seconds that he would LOVE the gift. Then she added that she’s so shy he’d never believe she would actually follow through with it.

Well … she DID. And when she came back to view her images, she about fell off her chair.

I love surprising non-believers.:)



Laurie - November 14, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Hi – I was looking into a photo shoot for my boyfriend. Something special, a bit sexy. How does this work??? I will bring outfits I assume – also as far as makeover – will I take care of that. What is the cost?? Packages?

Tara - February 24, 2016 - 10:29 am


I was very interested in more information about how I go about getting a session. I’ve been wanting to surprise my husband of 10years with these photos. This is something that is completely out of Character for me, and I want to blow him away! I’m looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!

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